You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.

Children_Brushing_TeethTooth decay is a common preventable disease linked as much to diet as it is to healthy brushing habits. The care that baby teeth receive is important. When we encourage our children to brush daily we are establishing long term habits and self awareness.

Baby teeth play a crucial role in language development and facial support. They also act as place markers for the permanent teeth. Frequent brushing, when using a toothpaste containing active ingredients can stop decay, keep the enamel strong and prevents the loss of important minerals. Of all pediatric tooth decay cases, only 10% of children have seen a dentist. These visits are key to ensure that while your children are growing, their teeth remain properly aligned, free from cavities and that their chewing is developing in such a way they are able to extract nutrients from food.

In our mission to save lives, we want to remind you that February is Children’s Dental Health Month. Research shows that good oral health is directly linked to cardiac health. Make a timely appointment with a pediatric dentist. Your child’s first experiences can be interesting adventures instead of emergency visits that may be scary and even painful. Pediatric Dentistry has come a long way in making children comfortable and most practices have welcoming, fun environments.

At home, parents can work on their children’s frequency and brushing technique so that as they grow, they will brush correctly.

What are some ways we can engage our young kids to brush twice a day?

–  Sing a song to prevent cavities.

–  Race together to see who can brush the fastest (or the slowest!).
–  Have a “guess the song” contest, hum while you rinse with mouthwash.
–  Go shopping together for a new toothbrush in a favorite color or with a favorite character.

Leave us your tips on the comments below and most importantly have fun!

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