AED management program

Check My AED is the leading AED management program. The system allows users to create a multi user environment to manage every aspect of the AED devices they own or operate.

Account owners can upload hundreds of AEDs and manage them easily. The system manages AED accessories expiration dates, and notifies users when an AED battery  or pads needs to be replaced. Users can use the system to inspect their AEDs based on a schedule determined by them and receive notifications when inspections are due.

The system can manage multiple users and user levels with hierarchical management features and notifications control.

Key features of the system include:

  • Manage multiple AEDs from different manufacturers
  • Manage multiple users
  • Manage user levels
  • Manage user notifications
  • Manage user certifications
  • Receive notifications before certifications expire
  • Manage AED locations
  • Manage AED inspection intervals (i.e. every 30, 90, …days)
  • Receive inspection notifications
  • Receive expiring items notification before they expire
  • Inspect AEDs online
  • Inspect multiple AEDs in a single form
  • Access AED inspection logs
  • Report events
  • Access events log
  • Locate AEDs by state, serial number, user managing it
  • Manage AEDs assigned to a particular user
  • Transfer AEDs from one user to another
  • Manage sub users subscription as well as allowed AEDs
  • Receive notifications for AEDs managed by your sub users
  • View a summery of all AEDs and sub users in your dashboard

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