aed program management

Do I Need AED Program Management?

For someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, having a nearby AED can save their life. Nevertheless, an AED must be properly maintained so that it is always ready in case it needs to be used.

Depending on your state, you might also have AED maintenance legislation requiring consistent upkeep of your public AEDs.

To help you find the right AED program management, we’ve compiled important information on AED tracking and management below.

AED Program Management

What is AED Program Management?

AEDs are lifesavers in dire situations; however, without the appropriate maintenance can fail at moments need. AED program management is a management procedure that ensures the readiness and operability of the device.

An effective program, like Foremost Medical Equipment’s Check My AED, allows users to manage every aspect of your AED device(s). Check My AED account users can upload hundreds of AEDs and inspect each AED based on a schedule determined by the user. Even more, the user receives notification for required inspections and maintenance.

Crucial Check My AED features include the ability to:

  • inspect AEDs online,
  • access AED inspection logs, and
  • manage user certifications.

All in all, proper program management is essential to the use in urgent situations.

Are you looking for an easy way to track your AEDs?

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Who Needs AED Management?

Anyone who owns an AED needs program management.

As aforementioned, state laws regulate the availability and maintenance of AEDs. Regulations vary by state; nonetheless, many require that AEDs be tested to manufacturer’s standards.

So, if you have public AEDs in your business, having a way to track their maintenance is necessary to ensure compliance with state legislation.

What Are the Benefits of AED Tracking?

We’ve touched on some of the benefits of AED tracking, but there are numerous ways it can help.

One major benefit of using AED tracking is equipment education. Consistently performing maintenance will allow you to gain detailed knowledge about how your equipment operates.

By and large, having AED tracking in place can help you prepare for emergencies and even save a life.