Automated External Defibrillators: Should Your Business Have One?

Automated External Defibrillators: Should Your Business Have One? on

Why Florida businesses benefit from AEDs in the workplace

Automated External Defibrillators are kind of like airbags – you hope you never have to use one, but when they do their job, you’re sure glad they were there.

There are 10,000 workplace cardiac arrests each year. And according to the National Safety Council, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is responsible for more deaths each year than “breast cancer, colon cancer, motor vehicle accidents and diabetes, combined.”

While most businesses have fire evacuation and other emergency strategies in place, another threat to the lives of employees and customers—cardiac arrest—is frequently overlooked. Tragically, many workplace deaths could be prevented through simple training and AED installations.

5 reasons to install AEDs in the workplace

AEDs are inexpensive and don’t require extensive medical training. The automated aspect refers to the device’s ability to gauge whether or not defibrillation is necessary, and if it is, it automatically adjust to the proper setting required to jolt the heart back into a healthy rhythm. Here’s why all workplaces should install AEDs:

  1. The obvious. AEDs save lives—the more time that passes between the onset of cardiac arrest and receiving medical attention, the less likely a person is to survive. When treatment is applied within 3 to 5 minutes, the odds of survival improve significantly. OSHA asserts that defibrillators increase survival rates by as much as 60%.
  2. Keep your business healthy. The death of a co-worker can be catastrophic for employees. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t take bereavement breaks—workplace fatalities can be costly in both financial terms and the severe impact on morale. AEDs can lead to celebrations rather than funerals.
  3. Empower your staff. Knowing how to save lives is a powerful confidence booster. AED training is easy and accessible for a wide variety of age groups, and typically includes CPR training. Furthermore, knowing your colleagues know how to save your life and completing training together strengthens relationships in the workplace.
  4. It projects a positive corporate image and reduces liability. Having AEDs on site improves the overall profile of a company. Not only does it display a concern for the wellbeing of employees, but also its customers and other visitors. These lifesaving techniques can also reduce liability in the event of a tragedy.
  5. They’re easy to use. While the technology inside AEDs is intricate, they do most of the work all on their own. AED training primarily allows employees to recognize when and how to deploy a defibrillator.

Where to acquire AEDs and training in Florida

The American Heart Association certifies AED and CPR training facilities across the United States. One Beat CPR + AED is South Florida’s premiere AHA-certified training facility. We offer individual and group courses in AED and CPR training, in addition to providing state-of-the-art AED units.

For more information on making your workplace as safe as possible for your staff and customers, connect with us online or give us a call at 954-321-5305.