Brave and courageous 7-yr old girl helps save a 6-yr old boy from drowning at local water park – CPR + AED News

Margate, FL – It was the first Saturday after school ended, a perfect day to enjoy being outside. Like all kids this time of year, Christine Regina asked her grandmother to take her to Calypso Cove Water Park in Margate, FL. Every summer, Christine, a Port St. Lucie resident looks forward to spending time with her grandparents because the water park is near their home. On Saturday, June 18th. they spent most of the morning there, but once the afternoon started progressing, grandma Penny told Christine “Ten More minutes” to leave the facility. Christine obeyed and gathered her water gear. She swam around wearing her goggles before leaving and started to dive underwater. On one of the dives she noticed something unusual at the bottom of the pool.

The video below captures Christine speaking about her reaction to finding the boy.

She realized he was not acting normal and needed help. She quickly grabbed the nearest person, which happened to be 15 yr old Rebecca Valbrun. The teenage girl followed Christine underwater and saw the little boy too. Rebecca started yelling for help, catching the attention of the lifeguards on duty. The two girls bravely pulled up the little boy’s body and brought him to the surface. He was placed on his back poolside and the lifeguards started performing CPR. Emergency services were called and thankfully an AED was readily available.  The lifeguards deployed the defibrillator and with it brought back the little boy. He spent two days recovering from the incident and according to his mom, he is now stable and well.

By Sunday, Christine was a town hero. The Margate Mayor, Tommy Ruzzano,  visited the family at their home to thank her for her actions and awarded Christine with a public recognition certificate “for being aware, alert and responsive, in preventing a possible drowning and saving a life on June 18, 2016.”

We are so proud of this young girl.

During summer and especially when near or around water, young children should have constant supervision. Accidents can happen in a moment. Prevent a tragedy by following our recommendations – visit our Facebook page to read more.