can you use child aed pads on adults

Can You Use Child AED Pads on Adults?

An important step in preparing for emergencies is ensuring you have the right supplies. Without the right accessories, your AED may not function properly.

Thus, doing a little research before you buy or use an AED is always beneficial.

A factor to keep in mind when learning to use an AED deals with what kind of AED pads you need. Overall, there are two sizes of pads you can purchase: adult and pediatric AED pads.

To help you buy the right pads and prepare for emergencies, we’ve compiled useful information on adult vs. pediatric pads below.

Adult vs. Pediatric AED Pads

What is the Difference?

When looking to buy AED pads, you may wonder what the difference between adult vs. pediatric pads is. Are they the same, or is there a reason there are two sizes?

The major difference between these two types of pads is the energy level an AED uses. Additionally, most child AED pads for made for children younger than eight years old.

Therefore, having both child and adult AED pads available can better prepare you for certain situations, such as pediatric sudden cardiac arrest.

Can You Use Adult AED Pads on Children?

In most public spaces, adult AED pads are readily available. However, in a few instances, it may be necessary for you to use child AED pads.

In situations where pediatric pads are not available, you can use adult pads on a child—it is better to use adult pads rather than forego immediate treatment.

To properly use adult pads on a child, place an AED pad on the chest and the other on the back of the child.

Then, operate the AED as instructed by the device.

Can You Use Child AED Pads on Adults?

Another rare situation you may experience can be when you need to use adult AED pads but only have pediatric pads.

Like our previous example, you may ask yourself, can you use child AED pads on adults?

Unlike the use of adult AED pads on children, the use of child AED pads on adults is generally not advised.


As we shared before, the amount of energy that is administered between adult vs. child AED pads is different, as children under eight years old require less shock.

Therefore, the amount of energy supplied through child AED pads would not suffice for an adult experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

Keep Your AED Supplies and Knowledge Up to Date

If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is experiencing SCA, it is always recommended to call 911 as soon as possible.

Additionally, in the rare case that the right AED pads are not available, it is even more important that you contact 911.

Now you know a bit more about AED pads and what to do in these various scenarios. This is but one step of many in preparing yourself for a situation that calls for an AED.

Other ways to prepare are to read up on AED use and ensuring proper AED maintenance is provided. The best way to do this is to check your supplies regularly. By doing so, you can rest assured that your supplies are always up to date—just in case.

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