CPR instructor uses training to save newborn puppy

CPR instructor uses training to save newborn puppyTALTY, Texas _ Alicia Pederson awoke to her dog Izzy squealing in pain. Alicia knew Izzy was pregnant and due any day. But what she found in her living room at 2 a.m. took her breath away: Two puppies on the floor. One healthy and wriggling. The other cold, gray and seemingly lifeless.

“I’m thinking one may be OK but the other may be gone. It’s not uncommon for one pup in the litter to not make it,” Alicia recalled. She quickly cleared away the amniotic sacs still surrounding the puppies, then handed the healthy one over to her boyfriend, Kenneth.

In the back of her mind, Alicia figured the puppy in her hand was doomed. Yet as a mother, she knew she had to try something. And then, something even more important happened – Alicia’s extensive training as an American Heart Association employee and CPR instructor kicked in. Click here to read more

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