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Can You Buy an AED for Home Use?

Annually, in the United States, 356,000 cases of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest occur. Moreover, 68.5% of the 356,000 cases happen in a person’s home or residence.

These facts beg the question to be answered: Can I buy an AED for home use?

The short answer to if you can have a home AED is yes. However, there are multiple factors that you should consider when buying an AED for your house.

For example, you might wonder if there are certain brands made for the home, or if there is any required training you should take before using your personal AED.

To help you prepare properly, we’ve put together some information to consider when buying an AED for home use below.

Buying a Home AED: Questions and Answers

What Should I Know Before Buying an AED for Home Use?

Generally speaking, AEDs are available for purchase to a wide variety of people. However, it is important to note that these AEDs are manufactured and sold under FDA approved guidelines.

In other words, while an AED might be available for you to purchase, there might be additional requirements you must meet before you can buy it.

The FDA’s guidelines may require some who purchase an AED, especially for home use, to have a physician’s prescription.

A prescription may be required to ensure that the person that is using the AED is doing so responsibly.

Do I Need Training to Use My Personal AED?

If you’ve done your research, you’ve likely learned that many personal and public AEDs are user-friendly and have comprehensive instructions.

So, if an AED is easy to use, why would you need training on how to use it?

An AED operator must be able to recognize a situation when using the AED is necessary.

According to the American Heart Association, an AED operator should know several things when using an AED. This includes warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest, CPR training, and when to activate the Emergency Medical Services system.

For additional information, contact your local EMS system. Your local EMS system can tell you more about any local and state protocols and requirements for using an AED and AED training.

Are There Brands With Home AED Models?

Now that you know about the requirements for buying an AED and training, finding the right AED to buy is your next step.

You must find an AED that will work well for you and in your home before buying it. After all, you may not want to buy a public AED for personal use.

So, what brand of AED is one that you can use at home?

As of 2019, the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, or CDRH, approved two Philips AEDs for home use.

Overall, the CDRH’s approval indicates that the HeartStart OnSite and Home are both available as over the counter purchases.

However, the CDRH’s approval also states that the only AED “specifically indicated for home environments” is the Philips HeartStart Home defibrillator.

Are you looking for a home AED that meets your needs and expectations?

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