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New vs. Used vs. Refurbished AED: Pros and Cons

In the United States, more than 356,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur annually. Unfortunately, the majority—90%—of these incidents are fatal. Despite this, there are medical interventions that can be implemented to reduce the risks of fatality.  

Over the past decade, AEDs have become a regular installation in public buildings like schools, airports, and shopping centers.

An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is a machine used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest establish a normal heart rhythm. In the event of sudden cardiac arrest, administering both CPR and using an AED can be life-saving.

With this mind, it’s important to take the appropriate precautionary steps in the event of a cardiac event. Participating in first aid and CPR training is a valuable first step.

Additionally, equipping your workplace, school, or home with an AED device can be useful if you or someone who frequents the residence is at risk of a cardiac event.

You can purchase a new, used, or refurbished AED, depending on your budget or use. To help you make the best purchase, we’ve compiled some important information to consider when shopping for an AED. 

New, Used and Refurbished AED: Which to Buy

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now requires AED manufacturers to obtain premarket approval for all AEDs and accessories before they are released to the public. This regulation ensures that your AED works when it matters most.

For this reason, in this article, the functionality of an AED isn’t in question—whether it is new, used, or refurbished. However, we will call attention to the price tag, longevity, and effectiveness.

New AED: Pros and Cons


The cost of a new AED varies widely depending on the features a particular AED model offers, such as battery life and customization options. That being said, the cost of a new AED can range from $700 to $3,235. 


The longevity of any given AED model will vary, given the frequency of use and other factors. In general, it is estimated that, on average, a new AED can last anywhere from five to eight years before needing to be replaced. Additionally, it is easier to replace parts of a newer AED than it is for an older model, especially if the manufacturer has discontinued specific parts.


As they have not been used prior, a new AED may be more effective than a used or refurbished model. But, it is important to note that just because an AED model is new, it does not automatically make it the better choice over other types of AEDs. 

Used AED: Pros and Cons


The cost of a used AED depends on the condition of the item and the age of the product. Additionally, certain AED sellers, such as Foremost Medical Equipment, offer trade-in services. These services enable you to sell equipment that you aren’t using or trade-in older equipment for a newer model. Thus, the eventual cost of the newer model is cheaper thanks to these services.


As said before, the longevity of a new AED can be anywhere from five to eight years. Therefore, the functionality of a used AED is expected to be eight years or less. 

Let’s say you purchased a used AED that was used for two years before you purchased it. It is likely that AED could be used for another three to six years before needing to be replaced or refurbished. 


One may think a used AED is less effective than other types of AEDs. However, this is not always the case. It is important to take into consideration the overall wear and tear of a used AED to determine how effective it will be for you. 

Refurbished AED: Pros and Cons


Purchasing a refurbished AED is the most cost-effective alternative to a new device. Prices for a refurbished AED range from around $500 to $1,500. These costs can vary depending on the age of the model, the parts that have been refurbished. 


To determine the longevity of a refurbished AED, one should consider the parts that were refurbished. Additionally, when it was refurbished, and the overall age of the model.


A refurbished AED can be as effective as a new or used model. Similar to the considerations you should take with a used AED, looking at how long this model has been used before and after it was refurbished can tell you how effective it will be for you. 

Plus, knowing what kind of parts were refurbished and how they were refurbished can tell you what to expect when using this refurbished model. 

Are you looking to purchase a cost-effective and reliable AED that is right for you?

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